Last vintage report



This year the harvest began on August, about 7-10 days earlier than in 2019; as always the first grapes to be harvested were the ones destined for our Metodo Classico sparkling wine.

The growing season was characterized by a very dry and mild spring which resulted in early budding and shoot development.

Thanks to the abundant rainfall in May and the first decade of June, the vineyards did not experience any water shortages, despite the high temperatures which arrived suddenly in July – following an unusually cool spell at the end of June – and which did not diminish until after mid-September. Although the maturation levels of the white grapes were significantly higher than in 2019, both lower-than-average yields and timely harvesting were instrumental in maintaining both grape acidity and the aromatic components of the grapes.

The red grape harvest began with Merlot as early as the first decade of September, clearly presenting excellent colour, concentration and fragrant, fruity scents.



For the Sangiovese harvest we waited until the fourth week of September: due to a rainy spell starting about the 18th of the month and a return to cooler temperatures, the ripening windows were slightly later than those of the white grapes.  The Sangiovese arriving in the cellars showed excellent maturation – both in sugar and phenolic content – and perfect health, also thanks to careful canopy management carried out in our vineyards.

To date our red wines have completed their fermentations but will remain on the skins until at least the third week of October to ensure the optimum extraction of polyphenols.

In Montefalco the Sagrantino and Sangiovese grapes successfully tolerated the insistent rainfall in the second half of September, thanks to their resistant skin and careful, patient work in the vineyard: the bunches were accurately de-leafed to allow optimal aeration and eliminate any possible pocket of humidity.

Our harvest wrapped up on October 7th and we are now ready to begin harvesting the olives!





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