Lungarotti began producing Grappa in the early 1980’s and has always brought their marc to the Bonollo distillery in Torrita di Siena for distilling. To ensure a grappa’s quality it is in fact very important that the grape marc is fresh when processed and Torrita is just a one-hour drive from Torgiano. Careful temperature control and extremely selected marc that has not been exhausted ensures the production of premium distillates that are highly enjoyable.

In addition to the traditional Grappa di Rubesco, we also produce the wood-aged Grappa di Sagrantino. In this case the complexity of its aromatic notes makes it perfect as an after-meal drink especially if accompanied by a good Tuscan cigar.

Nowadays, alongside its traditional consumption as an after-dinner or after-meal drink, this great Italian product is experiencing a resurgence in mixology, where it is also used to create unique cocktails.