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A condiment produced with non-fermented white grape must; its origins from grape juice instead of wine – contrary to regular wine vinegar – leave a pleasantly sweet-sour flavour with aftertastes and nuances of the various woods used for barrel aging.

Olive varieties

Trebbiano and Grechetto harvested in September – October


The unfermented must is simmered over low heat in bain-marie, enriched with century-old yeasts. It is then aged for more than 10 years in small casks of decreasing size made of 7 different types of wood – oak, chestnut, cherry, ash, robinia, mulberry and juniper – causing a progressive concentration of mass and aromas

Food pairings

It is an excellent gourmet condiment to use raw on dishes of haute cuisine: due to its great concentration, just a few drops are enough to enrich even the simplest recipes


Packaged in a 130-ml cruet of blown glass in an elegant gift box


A gourmet condiment not categorized as a traditional balsamic vinegar because it is not produced in the Modena area, it is however obtained using the traditional method and century-old balsamic yeasts from that area. It is distinguished by its fluidity, that makes easy to pour over foods. Seasoning dishes with balsamic condiment instead of wine vinegar is a perfect choice in terms of pairing with wine because one can appreciate the combinations of flavours and aromas.


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